When school children are being transported on a school bus, they are under the supervision, direction, and control of the Bus Driver and the Corporation, as provided for by IC 20-9.1-5-19 and Corporation policy. In handling disciplinary matters, the bus driver is to be governed by the guidelines established by the school corporation.

School bus drivers are to have reasonable control of all students transported between the student's home and the schools and return. The driver shall keep order,
maintain discipline, treat students in a civil manner and see that no student is imposed upon or mistreated, and shall use every care for the safety of the students under his/her charge. Students who ride the school buses are obligated to observe the following safety rules:

1. Each student shall be seated and remain seated immediately upon entering the bus in such place as may be assigned by the driver. Aisles must be kept clear at all times and no student shall move from place to place while the bus is in motion.
2. Students shall enter or leave the bus only when it has come to a full stop and the door has been opened by the driver and then shall enter or leave without pushing or shoving.
3. Bus windows or doors will be opened and/or closed only with the permission of the driver.
4. Conversation should take place in a normal tone of voice. Loud, boisterous, profane language, improper conduct or any other action which might distract the driver or be morally offensive to other students will not be tolerated.
5. Students shall not be allowed to tease, scuffle, trip, hold, hit or use their hands or feet or body in any other objectionable manner.
6. Students may not:
a. Ride with head, arms or feet out of the window.
b. Throw objects from the bus.
c. Carry tobacco products, matches or other flammable materials on the bus.
d. Buy or sell items while on the bus.
e. Deface bus seats or any other part of the equipment. Deliberate destruction of the bus will result in reimbursement for repair to the corporation and/or contracted bus owner.
7. Chewing gum, candy and/or food and beverages shall be allowed only at the discretion of the driver.
8. A student should be waiting at his/her pick-up point when the bus arrives. In case of emergency, causing late arrival by the pupil at his/her stop, the school bus driver will be required to wait no longer than three minutes after the scheduled time of arrival at the pupil station. If the bus driver is already three minutes later, he/she need not wait at all unless the student is within a short distance of the bus and approaching with a reasonable amount of speed.
9. Except when transferring from one bus to another at a regular transfer point, students are to remain on the bus until their final destination has been reached unless a written request has been submitted by the parent which has been approved by the building principal..
10. Any and all items carried on the bus must be small enough to be located under the seat in order to assist with safety on the school bus. Large items that would impede the driver's vision or lock the aisle shall not be carried on the bus.
11. Students riding a bus other than their designated bus shall only be allowed to do so upon receiving a written request from the parent which has been approved by the building principal. (Approval is also based on the number of students riding the bus.)
12. Unless authorized by the bus driver or used for emergency purposes, student cell phones are not to be used while on the bus.

Students are to refrain from bullying, harassment, and intimidation.

If violation of the rules and regulations on a school bus occur, a student may be suspended from all North Knox bus transportation (for one or more
days) and his/her parent will be responsible for transportation of the student to and from school during the suspended period.

The school bus drivers will work closely with the building principals, superintendent and the transportation director to assure the safe transportation of the students to and from the North Knox Schools.